Auto Trade

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Yes, it is possible to allow professional traders to mirror their trading on your personal account – so that you follow their stategies (i.e. buy and sell when they do).

dre markets run their own strategy through Tradency. Please feel free to follow our trades and hopefully profit from them.

We also offer our members access to other Tradency strategy traders and offer you the Zulu Trader scheme.

So – you could make money while you sleep!
In order to setup an Autotrader account you would need to:
1. Open an account with Ava fx (our trading partner)
2. Decide how you want to auto trade (please see links below to Tradency and Zulu Trader)
3. Register your account as an Auto trader account
4. Fund your account
5. Sit back and let the Pro’s trade

You can of course, switch strategies and stop/start auto trading as per your requirements.

We suggest that you research the strategies that fit your purpose and select accordingly.

Please be sure to read the relevant strategy disclaimers involving risk.
dre markets offer a low risk Auto Trading strategy aim we aim to profit 20 Pips per day – of course, there is no guarantee of this but we will be posting our performance statistics on this page on a regular basis.

ZuluTrade - Autotrade the Forex Market like never before!

If you prefer eToro’s social networking and highly visible Openbook Autotrader strategy then this is also an exciting way to trade and get to know like minded traders – some expert – some novice and get comfortable with your trading.

Openbook is fun, fast and transparent and is recommended by us especially for someone new to trading.

Come join a community and more importantly – profit from it.


Ava fx offer autotrading via Tradency – a seperate portal managed via your main Ava fx account. The platform is is limited to a number of currency pairs – which shows how specialist it is but the spreads are that little wider than the standard Ava fx trading platform.

Ava fx also offer you a trade and inform strategy that you can precode as per your trading requirements aswell and standard moving average trading.