Trader Academy

We are going to be adding alot of content here over the coming weeks as we want our client to be successful at trading – if you profit you drive volume and quite frankly the market spread is where we earn our money, so, unlike some other IBs, it’s in our interest to ensure that you trade successfully and over the long term – we are in it together.

Our mantra that Traders are not born – they are created could not be more true.

We will guide you through basic terminologies, trading techniques and give you sound advice on how to trade with your feet on the ground in order to make sure that you make it a long term income stream rather than a short term flash in the pan.

Watch this space – it could be worth $’000s to you in the future.

Always remember that Your success is our success.

On the following pages we have broken down key terminologies, definitions and working examples to help you Learn, learning is priceless – and experience invaluable.

Before you start trading real monies put ensure that you are confident, read the following pages, feedback to us at  if you have any questions or would like more content added.

The pages are about YOU and your trading successful, we welcome your interaction and feedback. Feel free to contact us via facebook or skype at anytime.

Read, learn and practice….