Binary Options Trading

The recent trend in trading is to go for fast moving markets and potentially quick wins.


Whilst dre markets endorses solid trading principles and steady capital accumulation through robust trading strategies and sound discipline, we were curious to see what all the fuss was about.


We reviewed the product and…..Wow – mind blowing!


You can trade binaries (binary options) by the minute, hour or day and virtually trade any financial instrument.


Whilst you can make (and conversely lose) lots of money we can appreciate that we now understand  where the thrill in fast moving trading  comes from.


Our verdict – this is an exciting area – it is an area of extremes and fast paced, would we classify it as investment trading?   NO.


Would we recommend it?    YES – purely to learn how not to trade! Have a go at it – you may make some money but the trick is to quit while your ahead as you can soon get lost, even addicted, to the next option trade should you start losing.


Try it – you may even make a few hundred dollars but the lesson that you will learn is that nothing beats solid trader discipline and research.


Trading is all about learning from mistakes and appreciating the long term approach to making money – dabbling in binary options will certainly reiterate the disciplined trader in you.


Treat your binary option trading as a stag do prior to getting serious with your trading.


If you really must try it, we recommend – we do advise you to put in a small deposit – something that you can afford to blow at the stag party….