We’re not mad – we’re just convinced that if you follow our advice and commit to learning to trade you can be successful!

So here is the giveaway: open an account with our preferred partner – Ava fx – by clicking on the link below and we will give you $100 (over and above any other bonuses from Ava) to help you grow your capital and put you on the path of building a nice nest egg for your future or quite simply for a regular income.

Be sure to  click on the link below inorder to qualify for our giveaway:


Depending upon the amount you deposit you may qualify for additional bonuses from Ava fx (another advantage of  trading via dre markets).

You can start trading by depositing as little as $100 – so effectively we are funding your account – nice….

In order to qualify for your $100 bonus from dre markets all that we ask is that;

  • you click on the link above to open your account
  • fund your account
  • email us your account number, surname and date of opening account and
  • place atleast 20 trades on your account

We will verify your account with Ava fx and once you have completed your 20th trade we will issue you a cheque for $100 – no catches, no issues.

If you don’t want to trade the account yourself we can get you started on autotrading of money manage your account for you.

Please be sure to visit the Dre Trade project page on our website where we show you how you can make money from very small deposits.

So, what do you have to lose?

We are effectively funding your $100 account – go for it!